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[Making It cartoon 03/7/04: TV Crime Shows]

A reader responds:

I just had to send you a quick note to thank Keith Robinson for his March 4 cartoon dealing with photo enhancement as portrayed by Hollywood. He couldn't be more on target.

The ridiculous nature of the "photo enhancement" gag so often seen in movies and on TV creates physical nausea for many of us in law enforcement. As a police officer for the last 13 years, the past three as a detective, and as a photographer and computer "geek," it makes me wonder what the police consultants on such shows are doing, or if they are just being completely ignored.

We have enough problems with false expectations created by television shows that I would hope they would at least come somewhat closer to reality on this issue.

Det. Michael Rosenberger
Manhattan Beach [CA] Police Department
[Opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and not necessarily those of the MBPD]

Keith Robinson comments:

Responding to a March 27 article in TV Guide that called into question the accuracy of the science in CSI, the show's executive producer and technical advisor sniffed: "We never take liberties with the science." The article did not address the magical enhancement of videotapes and photographs.

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